Saturday, October 14, 2006


Oracle on Windows and NAS Storage

I have been asked the question "Does Oracle support NAS on Windows". Officially Oracle does not support native NAS devices per-se on Windows. I am speaking specifically of the CIFS protocol. This is not true for all platforms; Oracle does support NAS on Unix with NFS, but not on Windows. However, with the introduction of iSCSI Oracle does now support NAS on Windows.

The iSCSI protocol uses embedded SCSI commands within IP packets. This allows for storage to be accessed over the network, but at the same time take advantage of a proven storage protocol. The main benefits of iSCSI is that it is cheaper and potentially easier to use than the fibre channel equivalent.

In June of 2003 Microsoft released the iSCSI initiator and driver for Windows 2003. In addition, Microsoft has qualified a number of storage vendor’s products for use with Windows 2003. At the same time, Microsoft has introduced Windows Storage Server 2003, which allows a Microsoft Server to become the iSCSI NAS.

With iSCSI Oracle on Windows is completely supported as both a stand-alone Oracle database server or an Oracle RAC server. Yes, Oracle does support NAS on Windows.

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